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Howto run scripts while machine is locked?

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I have read some topics here regarding how you folks all handle each other with help.

I did my research by scanning through the internet scattering for an answer for my question. I can not imagine that nobody before haven't had this question, so there is probably an answer already. So excuse me to ask you for it again.

But i have this tax program and i need to extract information from it from time to time. The program doesn't have an extract function so it is all done by going through some menu's and entering the correct selection information over and over again. This is done at the server. It also has to be done at the server.

But i don't want my server to be unlocked. Now i have found some solutions by disabling the lock and just create a fake lock, but that still doesn't help because i need those screens active.

So how can i achieve this?

My solution was to unlock the windows machine from the windows lock, but is this even possible or is all script disabled when the machine is locked?

I hope you understand my problem and can give me an answer for it.

Thank you in advance

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also found this:


So is there a list with what works in locked mode and what not? I mean i can imagine that mouseclicks don't work, but i have this screen with a toolbar and then i do like alt+f to get to file, and then another key, i don't think this will work?

and this:


but not working for me

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Use ControlSend and ControlClick instead of Send and MouseClick. If your program doesn't use standard controls, sorry about your luck.

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