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RazerM's uranium help.

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this thread im talking about: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25690

i try to add new function to it:

if StringLeft($linecontent,5 ) = "joob(" Then
                Local $newstring, $new2
                $assign = StringSplit($linecontent,',',1)
                $newstring = StringReplace($assign[2],")","")
                $new2 = StringSplit($assign[1],"(",1)
                $variables[$i] = $newstring

and i enter this in the input box:

print $number

and it says print $number

Syntax Error: Variable not declared


btw i dont know if this is right place to post :S

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The error tells you exactly whats wrong... The variable hasn't been declared.

Please do a little learning and searching before you jump in.

Somewhere before the code you posted, place this:

$number = "declared"

Look up variables in the autoit help file, and you will find an explanation of what variables are and how to use them. Good luck!

Edited by JRowe

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I'm talking about the variable isn't being declared in razerM's uranium script poc...U read next time lol :) jokes.

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