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Script to open url type username

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Hello. I am trying to automate things a bit and have just installed Autoit v. 3.3. Just to practice creating scripts, I tried to create one that would open a specific url and enter the user name. It was very simple to do - I thought. It worked the first time I ran the script and would never work again. I know this is basically a useless script and am just practicing, but the result was a little strange. The idea for the script, however, was to automate the login process on a website where the user would only have to enter their password (for security, I never store passwords in a browser). At any rate if someone can take a look at the following script and tell me what I am doing wrong, I would appreciate it. I have edited out the actual url name, window name, and the username. In my script, of course they are real.

;Open the url

Run("d:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe url")

;wait for the window

WinWaitActive("window name")

;enter username and go to password line in dialog



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You can use IE functions. Read in help file about.

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