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Another TCP Chat Room

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Its Kinda Like The Old One Except Its Easier To Understand.. And The Server Dose Not Have A GUI.. :think:

Features :

[1] Users Can Type "/Server_Stats" And See All Online Users In A "PM"

[2] Admin Login..

[3] Admin Commands : /IP (Username), /Kick (Username), /IP_Ban (Username)

[4] Press Enter To Send MSG

[5] No Log Files..

[6] 2 Users Can't Have The Same Username

[7] Proper "On-Disconnect" Checking.. :)

[8] Etc.. Etc.. xD

Hotkeys :

[1] Esc / Alt+F4 : Exit

[2] Enter : Send MSG

[3] Alt+Esc Exits Server...

** How To Login As Admin **

Step 1 : Type "/Admin_Login".. Press Enter

Step 2 : Type In The Password And Press Enter.. ( Default Password : Test )

Its Not Really Something Someone Would Use Alot.. But Its Cool =3

Please Leave Comments.. Bugs.. Etc.. Etc.. :lmao:

~~ Enjoy ~~

** Download Report ** ( Source & Compiled )

File Name : Chat Room.ZiP

Folders In Chat Room.ZiP : Source Files, Compiled

Size : 648.87 KB

Host : Media Fire

Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ykejxkxew2c

** Folder Contents **

Source Files : Server.Au3, Commands.Au3, Client.Au3

Compiled : Server.exe, Client.exe ( Set To Lan.. Mode.. Sorry No INIs xD )

- John

Edited by John2006

Latest Projects :- New & Improved TCP Chat

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The Link is down =( can you upload this again ,please ?:D

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