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Does anyone know the COM functions of Wordperfect?

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I want to make a program that a user can enter data to a form, and then click a button to generate a wordperfect document. Now I will have a wordperfect document with tables built in, and what I want to know is what are the COM functions or whatever, parameters, that I can u7se to do the following actions.

1. Load Form with it wordperfect hidden. (I want it hidden until data is put in.)

2. Actually put the data into the specific tables (Input Box) on the form.

3. Show the Wordperfect form.

4. Save the Wordperfect Form.

5. Load a Wordperfect Form already saved.

6. Print a Wordperfect Form.

Can anyone help me? I am totally new to COM, so I do not know how to find out the COm functions I can use with Wordperfect or how to use OLEViewer.

I will also graciously accept any suggestions on how to do this more efficiently.

Before you ask "Why in the world wouldn't you just let them type it into the form?"

Well, much of the data will be put into several places, and my application will be designed to minimize the user needing to maneuver the cursor all over the place and reenter the same info 5 times on the same form. There are also a lot of items that will be selected from drop down lists, further preventing the user from having to manually type that data.

I appreciate any assistance you guys can provide!

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