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how to make my checkbox checked? i try :

$mycheckboxid = GuiCtrlCreateCheckbox("this is text", 70, 200, 100, 20)

GUICtrlSetData ($mycheckboxid,$GUI_CHECKED)

and i get the same unchecked check box... and just the text "this is text" changes to text "4"..... creepy thing :F

What function should I use?

Edited by Jammer
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Hi Jammer o:)

GUICtrlSetData is primary used to update 'data' for a control, like text and so on.

You have to use GUICtrlSetState cause you want to change the selected/checked state of the control.



Edit: @SlimShady: what are you making the whole day? :)

Just a little more faster than me :lmao:

Edited by Holger
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