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Determining if a DLL / OCX have been registered by file name?

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Hello there,

Currently I am in the process of a writing a test tool that will check that an installation package has correctly been deployed. This includes checking files, registry, services and other aspects of the deployed package which is almost complete, however I have encountered one large snag determining if a file (dll/ocx) has been registered.

I have searched for the past day for some sort of real solution but I have had little luck and would really love a snip it that takes a file name and checks to see if it has been registered on the current system using AutoIT. The key factor is I do not have direct access to the CLSID or class name directly unless I start popping open code for ever component we have here. I was hoping for a simple solution if possible? Any help would be welcome.

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Hello wsabourin,

load from internet the ActiveX DLL tlbinf32.dll and register it on your computer with regsvr32. Now you can use this VBS to get more information about an ActiveX DLL:

  Dim t, tl
  Set t = CreateObject("TLI.TLIApplication") 
  Set tl = t.TypeLibInfoFromFile("D:\Dummy\tlbinf32.dll")

  MsgBox tl.GUID


Or nearly the same in AutoIt:


  Dim $ta, $ti, $Str
  $ta = ObjCreate("TLI.TLIApplication")

  If IsObj($ta) Then
    $ti = $ta.TypeLibInfoFromFile("D:\Dummy\TlbInf32.dll")

    $Str = $ti.GUID & @CR & @LF
    $Str = $Str & $ti.HelpString & @CR & @LF
    $Str = $Str & $ti.Name & @CR & @LF
    $Str = $Str & $ti.ContainingFile & @CR & @LF

    MsgBox(0, "GUID", $Str)



Search about TLI.TLIApplication in this forums and you get some examples and discussions.

If you need more information about tlbinf32.dll load from Microsoft the help file.

Hope it helps.



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