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IE - Can't take IE message box as a window

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I navigate to an URL,

IE shows a small message box: "Title: Security Information , Text: This connection is insecure. Are you sure? ..."

But I can't close this message box

I used: WinWaitActive("Security Information", "") WinClose("Security Information", "")

But it didn't work

This looks mysterious to me. Please help

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Try this:

If this message box return 1 then winxx() function can read it

Msgbox(0,"check window",WinExists("Security Information", ""))

On your code try this:

if WinExists("Security Information", "") Then

WinActivate("Security Information", "")

WinClose("Security Information", "")


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I solved it

The problem is:

Think I have 2 lines of code:

; line 1


; line 2

WinWaitActive("Security Information", "")

Function _IENavigate have 2 options, returns immediately or returns after page load is complete

The message box appeared in the middle of page load and I used the default option of _IENavigate(...) which is returns after page load is complete

So although the message box appeared but the code of line 2 wasn't executed until I manually close it which makes condition for page load to complete and _IENavigate(...) returns


Happy that we got some new

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