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does autoit support structures, and other stuff?

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from what i understand, no... do you mean structures associated with DllCall? if you do, then no.. maybe you mean something else?








Those are all structures, no?


No... you're thinking of a UDF....I found a definition of structures from this C++ page

By the C++ definition of structures then, a UDF or User Defined Function would be a structure.

Dim $pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795

MsgBox(0,"Circle Functions","Area: " & $area & @LF & "Circumference: " & $circumference)

Func Circle($centerX,$centerY,$radius)
   Global $circumference = 2*$pi*$radius
   Global $area = $pi*$radius^2

"A structure is a collection of variable declarations grouped together under a single name called the structure tag. "

We call those functions. :lmao: Edited by Blue_Drache

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umm actually i meant structures, macros and notifications of controls such as edit, listbox, etc.

here's an example


Not supported .... (yet)

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