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Music Notes Player

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Music Notes Player

First Released: Jan 28, 2009

This is a Unicode compiled script and will not run on Win9x/ME

>>> Currently CLOSED source. Please respect this by NOT decompiling the script <<<

Annoyed with the costs of other music composing programs? This program is for you! Compose music on your computer and play it back on any computer with the program!

Screen Shot of Software:

Posted Image


The Attachment is a 7-zip archive. 7-zip covers all archive formats (.zip, .gz, .7z, .tar, .rar and more.. its also free!)

Download site: 7-zip Homepage


Basic ^


With sharps ^

Pi Song Download

Don't have time for 7-zip :lmao:

Download ".zip" (works with most systems) >> Here <<

Download ".tar" >> Here <<

Download ".rar" >> Here <<

Supported Instruments:

Tone: Note Numbers, 1-10 (Sharps eg. 1#,2#,3# ...)

Piano: Note Numbers, 1-7

Piano notes sounds bad! :think:

How Do I Compose Music With The System?

Its easy to make music:

1. Make a new file called "My Song.mnf"

2. Open it in notepad

3. Insert the following (Tone can be replaced with Piano):




4. Save

5. Open Music Notes Player and find your song.

6. Program will play it back. (Tone volume can't be adjusted)

Development Log & Notes:

Jan 30, 2008:

Thinking about adding loop function.

Jan 29, 2009:

Pi Sond added! :)

Later Jan 28, 2009:

Added sharps (different program)

Jan 28, 2009:

Fix Piano Sound (MIDI?)

Add other instrument(s) (MIDI?)

Multi-lined songs?


- Sniper120

Edited by sniper120

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