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password test

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Hi everyone!

I always found everything I needed right here and congrats on the great forum. Its my first post and i hope im posting in the right place... I'm kinda new to autoit and me and a friend made a speed calculator atack coordinator for our aliance in a travian like game. I designed the password script and the only way i could thought of making it secure was to make the pass change every week... I made this through the use of macros like @day and such... the problem is that anyone can enter with a old password just by changing windows time on the clock options.

So now I have been trying to make my script automaticly update the time from the internet. So far with no sucess. How to do this is my first question.

The second question is the .exe itself. is it really secure or can someone read my code and break the pass? how safe is it?

Is there any betterway to do this? I'm completly open to sugestions. I would share the exe but its 300kb and the limit for attachments is only 64k... so i putted it here:

*removed *

Feel free to test and try to hack,


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