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How to prevent restart ?

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I use AutoIT mainly for running several installation programs one after the other.

Some of the installation programs have the "unpleasant" habit to ask user to reboot the computer.

Example : I make a program to run setup1.exe, then setup2.exe then ...

When setup1.exe is at its' end, it tell the user to reboot the computer.

Which the user does.

Result : Not everything is installed.

Not everything has been installed (setup2.exe, ...)

Currently I just show a message box at the beginning, telling the user not to reboot even when it's asked for.

But I am looking for something better.

I tried by "detecting" the dialog box that tells the user to reboot (with autoinfo) without success.

Is there a way to detect that windows is trying to reboot, and prevent it ?

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edit: run("shutdown.exe -a") the -a parameter, aborts system shutdown, restart etc /edit

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