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sharing info over multiple programs

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I'm running a program that loops continuously reading data over a comm port and writing it to an ini file. Another program reads this information and uses it to perform some complicated action. The problem is that when both programs try to access the file at the same time, the program that needs the input bounces back the default parameter in the iniread. <-- that is a very bad thing for the program (unexpected action). Does anyone have any suggestions to completely eliminate this problem? Thanks.

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Couldn't a simple loop like this solve the problem?

Until $data<>"error"

.. Or if you want to share data directly between programs you can use several methods.

  • ReadProcessMemory/WriteProcessMemory
  • Pipes
  • Mutex
  • Messages

Search around for them, they are used quite often :)

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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