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Here is a Mouse UDF Lib that I made (mainly out of dislike for _MouseTrap)

This is primarily an interface between the windows DLL functions for the mouse and AutoIt, so don't shoot me for unoriginality...
















> _MouseSetTrap behaves differently than the _MouseTrap Function built into Misc.au3. Given blank strings in parameters, it will set those values to the extreme edges of the screen, not to its opposing value +1. You also need to call _MouseReleaseTrap to release the trap, these really should have been separate in the Misc UDF as they are different actions requiring different calls.

> In reguards to _MouseSetPos, yes this can be done with the MouseMove function, but I figured it couldn't hurt to throw it in.

> _MouseGetPos is more useful than MouseGetPos in some cases because it returns an array with both, not just x or y. (EX: Storing mouse position for replay later)

Hopefully this will prove useful.


_________[u]UDFs[/u]_________-Mouse UDF-Math UDF-Misc Constants-Uninstaller Shell

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