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Formatting text for print

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I have a report that is transmitted to us, it's data is columnar and the report was written to be printed on green-bar (a print line is 132 columns wide). I need to split detail out of the report and create a bunch of seperate mini-reports each with the original heading and a portion of the detail.

My problem is: ending up with a file that can be sent directly to a PC printer without user modification. The file saved to disk could be any format, RTF, DOC, PDF, etc.

I need to do the following to the created file to make it print properly:

1. Change all characters to a monospaced font, so that columns are maintained (Courier New, Gothic Letter STD, etc)

2. Change all characters to 8pt font size.

3. Change the pages left-margin to .5" and the right-margin to .25"

The Word UDF doesn't seem to have any of these functions available.

I was looking at the GUIRichEdit UDF, but I guess it has "GUI" on the front of it for a reason, it seems to do everything live with a live file in an open GUI, whereas I wish to modify existing extracted files in a more invisible batch/background mode.

Any suggestions?

All are appreciated.

Thank you.

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