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ControlClick in Applet

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I'm a novice in using AutoIt.My task is to send the data to an applet by clicking various buttons.

I achieved most of the objective but at the end i stuck up with one issue.

Applet load with three data fields and once data is filled there will be a "Next" button which will navigate to one more applet in same applet with two data fields and it has one "Go" button which will be navigated to one more applet with main applet.Problem here is i'm clicking all "submit" buttons with TAB and ENTER.

What i want is i want to click all these submit buttons using their names.I tried to use ControlClick in order to access those buttons.But buttons are not responded with those commands.

I would like to know is there a way to pass controls to a java applet.

Thanks in Advance,


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