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Unlocking a "locked" mouse!?

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Hello, I've been trying to write an Auto-It script for a game (Dreamlords) but i'm having troubles at the very start :think:

The game can be run in windowed mode so i launched the AutoIt Window Info program and wanted to "grab" some coordinates so i can examine the pixels there later on.. Thats when i faced my problem. The game hides and "locks" the real mouse pointer in the middle of the screen, and then when you move your mouse or use the MouseMove() Function to the game window, what really happens is that you only move the game cursor, but the real mouse cursor stays still(in the middle of the screen). That prevents me from getting the game cursor coordinates and all i get is a frozen mouse cursor stayng at x=const y=const.. i guess you can see where my problem is now :)

I hope you guys faced this before and that you can offer that poor noob some advice :lmao: It would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: As I finished writing I got this idea:

Since I know the window resolution it will be easy to get the coordinates of the very middle of the screen, store it in a variable and work from there insted of using the MouseGetPos() Function

Any other suggestions?

Cheers! Wintersun.

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Hey! :shhh: Thats a good idea! Thanks :)

But then again, any ideas how to make the clicks after i figure out where i want them ? :lmao:

I tried the method i mentioned in my first post, but sadly it doesnt do the job... i can move the game cursor but i will never get correct coordinates (Ex. I'm in the middle of the screen where my X variable shows that i'm at the -100 coordinate at X) Since i have no control over the game cursor (as far as i can tell) and i never really know where exactly is it on the screen.

This one really got me :think: can't figure anything out..

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