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Input from usb game controller?

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I recently purchased a NYKO Air-Flo usb game controller and was configuring it to work with my emulators when it hit me.

Is it possible to use the game controller to manipulate mouse functions or create a daemon that waits for commands from the key presses and rotation of the joysticks?

This would be an interesting Proof-Of-Concept script and it would be great if i could make an auto-play script for certain games, just for the fun of it.... scripting mario-bot's... :">

Or better still, a person could use their controller as a remote control for their box... (wired, but hey, it's better than nothing and lots of people already have what they would need to set it up... minus the script of course...)

Just a thought, i'm always looking for new ways to use our beloved AutoIt...

Thanks again folks! :lmao:

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Hi, directly with AutoIt is not possible, but perhaps someone is willing to write an DLL with the functions in it ?


What about Windows without using AutoIt ?It would be the same as driving a car without an steering Wheel!
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as i understand (quite possibly flawed) Once the game pad has been installed (factory software) it maps the keys from the game-pad to funky values i.e. JSK_Pad1, JSK_Pad2, JSK_Y+, JSK_Y-, JSK_X+, JSK_X-, etc....

Is there a way to hook these key presses? do they represent a registry value?

I guess what i would like to know from this point is how autoit knows a key has been pressed and where/how it pulls that info to react from?

at this stage in the game i would be happy with a way to know that one of the keys from the pad has been pressed (forget the joysticks for now)...

But i do understand that to do this THE RIGHT WAY i would most likely require som sort of dll/driver to hook and a medium to interpret it...

Any ideas?

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