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Determining when a file is right-clicked

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Just wondering if anybody has figured out how to tell when a File or folder is selected, and Right-clicked.......Trying to disable the Right-click menu just for a particular file or folder, showing a "Unauthorized!!" msgbox if they try to do anything with the file or folder.

any help would be appreciated o:)

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Attempting to find if an item(s) is selected in the left hand tree box...

not completely worked this out, but if you have the staus bar switched on and parse the text of the first field of that (look at it with the info tool)....

There are enough changes from the standard "[0-9][0-9]* objects" text when things are clicked on (enabled) or group selected to determine if things are actually "highlighted"

use stringinstr or the regexp functions to parse the text

disabling the right click menu is trickier....

registry may not do all of it

is it possible to disable the mouse button itself at that point?

_IsPressed doesnt help here...

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keep in mind that the right-click-menu is not the only way to do sth. with files,

moving, deleting, renaming, show properties, etc. can also be done via hotkeys and explorer-menu, DOS is also fine for handling files.

You should should limit the user-rights to certain folders, 'program files' is tabu etc.

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Thanks for the advice......I know there's a lot more to securing a file/folder than I asked about..., Just looking for reasonably effective ways to keep the average user from altering a file, or folder contents.

While 1
MsgBox(4096, "UnAuthorized!!!!", "No access allowed to this folder!!", 3)

Simple as the above is, it wont let you open the folder, nor will Right-click "Properties"

so being able to determine when the folder is selected(highlighted) and executing a command to interupt before the Right click menu appears would finish the job more than well enough for my purposes..

[u]Do more with pre-existing apps![/u]ANYGUIv2.8
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