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Open multiple browser with same url simultaneously

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Hi gui...

I want open 4 browser with same url, simultaneously.

And after execute a command in all browser simultaneously.

It's possible???


Open and click on search button. in all browser simultaneously.

thx for all suggest.


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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

Yes, you can do that. You would want to ID each window, then use that to do what you want. No, I will not show you how to do it. Something tells me you want to do something you should not be doing... :)

Thx Volly

i must try to access my database and stress it.

I want simulate a 16 access request from 4 different pc located in not same area of network...

This with simple form, i want select 3 option and send request simultaneusly...

I wnat test a time respond for every request action ...

all that.

If you don't show the script and you want help me use a PM.

thx best regards


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