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Usually I can declare buttons in a window like the example:

$BackButton = "Afx400001"

$OkButton = "Afx400002"

$CancelButton = "Afx400003"

But how would I go around If I can't get the specific handle of the button?

My thought was using coordinates but what is the correct function for this..

An example of my thougt:

$BackButton = WindowCordinate(595, 535)

$OkButton = WindowCordinate(635, 535)

$CancelButton = WindowCordinate(675, 535)

Is this possible? How would a correct declaration look like?

Can I use GUISetCoord( 595, 535) ?

! I'm a newbie to this and didn't know what to search for If this has been mentioned before :lmao:

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ControlGetHandle() and WinGetHandle() are available.


Thanks for quick reply ..

But if I understand this right both ControlGetHandle() and WinGetHandle() require that I can get/catch the ID/handle of the buttons or?

My problem is that their handle or ID dont show in any API spy utility.. Therefor I my thought was to watch for a specific pixelcolor, if that was True then declare fixed coordinates where a mouseclick should take place when the buttons apear/pixelcolor = true..

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I'm sorry, I misunderstood your post.

Let's see...

You probably need to use PixelSearch (with error checking).

You then have an array with the coordinates.

Then you'll be able to MouseClick at the same spot, by using the array.


Thanks a billion.. now I have something to work with :lmao:
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