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Traymenu .exe is very slow

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I'm using the Traymenu additions, which are amazing, and I hope they become core code soon.

However, after replacing the standard AutoIt3.exe (v3.1.0.15) with the new Traymenu AutoIt3.exe (v3.1.0.15), when I run the application I'm currently building, which initially just displays a GUI window with some controls on it, it was incredibly slow.

So, the same code without any Traymenu commands in it:

* run under normal AutoIt3.exe starts & displays GUI instantly

* run under Traymenu AutoIt3.exe starts & displays GUI after about a long 5 second delay, and runs significantly slower all round

Is this slowness a known problem?

With tiny sample .au3s, they do run instantly under Traymenu. But under my app, which is currently 892 lines and (for the purposes of this discussion) contains no non core statements, runs like a dog, particularly at startup time.

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could you please send me some sample-code, so I can test it.


Ah, the creator of Traymenu, if I'm not mistaken?

Sure. I'll send you the actual script that's caused me the problem via a PM, since the script isn't for public release.

Let me know your results. I would love to use Traymenu at full speed.


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OH, the .exe in your .zip file actually replaces the one in the autoit folder. That's why i couldn't figure out how to implement it. :lmao:


Yup, that's how it works. I'm not sure you should be using it without supervision, however. o:)
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