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Is There A Keystroke Recorder I Can Use

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I am looking for a quick way to create easy scripts mostly "SEND" commands. Is there a keystroke recorder for AutoIT or anything out there I can use?

Thanks for any help!


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I think tko was asking for a utility to record what you do and create a script to do it.

i.e. Record the keystrokes and mouseclicks for a complicated software installation and have the utility create an AutoIt3 script to replicate those actions.

If that's not what tko meant, well then I'd like to ask if there's such a thing.

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There was a discussion on how to disable the ability to make key loggers via AutoIt, due to possible security concerns/risks.


He meant a recorder, not a logger. A recorder would log the keystrokes and generate an AutoIt script which reproduce those keystrokes, not log keystrokes for passwords or other nefarious uses.
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Okay, guess I'm a little confused...

To me, there is no difference between a key logger and a key recorder. Don't both capture/record keystrokes (and/or other input/information), and save the data for later use?!?? :whistle:

It was also my understanding that the only Function that AutoIt3 has to capture keystrokes is HotKeySet. ...And according to the discussion that I mentioned earlier, steps were taken to make HotKeySet not capable of being used as a key recorder/logger. Is there another function which allows keystroke capturing within AutoIt3??

Edit: Sorry if I confused anybody else -- I'm still new to AutoIt3. B)

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He (Assuming he) doesn't want an AutoIt function recording keystrokes, he wants a program that records keystrokes and writes AutoIt code (Send, MouseMove, MouseClick, et cetera) out of mouse and keyboard gestures.

The difference between a recorder and a logger is a recorder will record the gestures and put it in some form where it can be "played back" to repeat those actions. In the case of AutoIt, it records it in the form of an AutoIt script which can then be run and the script will mimic what the user recorded.

A key logger on the other hand logs the keys pressed to a file or something. It doesn't generate any script or anything, it simply logs it and you can view the log to see what you pressed.

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He (Assuming he) doesn't want an AutoIt function recording keystrokes, he wants a program that records keystrokes and writes AutoIt code ...

Ah, I thought he was asking for an AutoIt function that allows the keys to be recorded. So am I correct in assuming that there is no function within AutoIt3 that allows the capture of keystrokes?

To explain my earlier post/confusion:

I understand that a key logger sends recorded keys to an output file (log) for later retrieval; I just have trouble understanding the functional difference between a key recorder and logger. They both capture keystrokes, and save the keystrokes to an output file (log/script) for later use. Essentially the only difference in a recorder is that it formats the keystrokes to be later used by a script, whereas a logger usually just saves the raw data. However they must both capture the keystrokes at some point, regardless of how that information is later used. :whistle:

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I see the terms as having the same denotation but different connotations:

Key recorder == a program a user intentionally runs to make note of keystrokes for playback or scripting purposes

key logger == a trojan/malware/virus program designed to capture sensitive information without a users' knowledge

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Thanks a lot Larry for this wonderful app. It did exactly what I wanted.

I think if this app exists (as is) outside of AutoIT, the risk of misuse would be less, so the issue of Key Logging vs. Key Recording would not be an issue.


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