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Outlook VBS-AU3

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Hi everyone

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for converting this vbs script to autoit. I'm sure there must be a way. The script will return the number of outlook unread messages.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Set otl = createobject("outlook.application")

Set session = otl.getnamespace("mapi")


Set inbox = session.getdefaultfolder(6)

c = 0

For Each m In inbox.items

If m.unread Then c = c + 1



s = "s"

If c = 1 Then s = ""

msgbox c & " unread message" & s

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I seem to have it. Sorry for the preemptive post, it was rather simple really. :)

$otl = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")

$session = $otl.GetNameSpace("MAPI")

$inbox = $session.GetDefaultFolder(6)


For $m In $inbox.items

If $m.unread Then $c = $c + 1



$s = "s"

If $c = 1 Then $s = ""

msgbox (0,"",$c & " unread message" & $s,10)

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