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Dialog Res Files

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Here is a way to use your Res dialog files with Au3.

If you code in C++ or Masm and others, I'am sure you have used

an RC file which is compiled to a Res file and linked with your code.

Now you can use the Res file right in your Au3 code.

Why would you want to use a dialog Res file when Au3 has a full GUI interface?

The best answer is, when you want to control your own message loop(s) like C++,Masm.

I'am using this method for a mulithreading script that I'am working on and so far it's working great.

You can use "DialogBoxIndirectParam" for a basic message loop are "CreateDialogIndirectParam"

for a more detailed message loop.

I use ResEdit(like Koda) a freeware to create and compile my rc and res files.

When you run my code(a very simple dialog), click on the Bitmap after you click the "List Dir" Button,

it will clear the edit box.

Now go and have some fun.


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