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Guest newb7560

Help with runasset

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Guest newb7560

I am having a problem getting this simple script to run on 2000 professional running SP4 systems. I have not had any trouble getting this script to work on XP SP2 machines.

The runas service is running on the 2000 machine.

Here is the script

RunAsSet("test", "commsoft" ,"test",1)

Run("\\Alb-file\common\Client Support\Quality Assurance\GUI-CVWIN\CVWIN 8.4.3\CVWIN.EXE dsn=commdev2","\\Alb-file\common\Client Support\Quality Assurance\GUI-CVWIN\CVWIN 8.4.3",@SW_HIDE)

Very simple right?

When I take out the runasset statement everything works fine, but this will not work in a production environment because my users are assigned to the user group and I need them to have admin priv to run my application.

So the error that I am receiving is the following:

Unable to execute the external program

unknown user name or bad password

Now I know that the username and password are correct because if I run the script from the XP machine I am fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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tyy it form the cmd prompt

runas /user:<domain>\<user> cmd

see what errors that gives you.

off topic

i have trouble sometime using \\server\share\program

i have much better luck using \\server.domain.tld\share\program

hope that helps

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Guest newb7560

Thanks for the suggestion but here is what I have found

I needed to add the @logonDomain in the RunAsSet for the 2000 machines for this to work. All is well right now.

RunAsSet("test",@logonDomain ,"test")

Not sure why but it works.


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