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XP vs Vista Scripting Issues

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I've been trying to resolve a problem that seems to be related to fundamental differences in Windows XP and Vista (32bit in this case). The script that I'm trying to get to agree in both calls for the program AutoGK and, with input parameters, automatically opens, configures and executes the encoding of large lists of DVD video files.

The only Dependency is AutoGK available here:


and a .mpg, or .vob file to compile. Here is an example file to download:


When compiled the script would be used in a command line, or batch file with the following syntax

add.exe 70%% coa360download56Kbps240x160.mpg coa360download56Kbps240x160.avi 0

the 70%% tells the script to set the encode parameter from Size to quality based encoding with a value of 70%. The script is able to select the quality based encoding parameter, but not set the value for that quality, and then hangs on opening the file location.

Attached is the orignal script executable de-compiled to the .au3 file

From other forums that I read on autoit scripting my guess is that it may have something to do with user access.

Notably the script executes Perfect in Windows XP.

Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you looked in the helpfile for differences with Vista? do a search for the string "AutoIt on Windows Vista "

Yeah, I went through that document, which is where I came up with the thought that it could have something to do with user permissions. So I browsed around to find how to disabe UAC. And remove as many user impediments as possible.

The system isn't asking for permission to run the script it just crashes in the indicated areas.

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Try adding the following to the beginning of your script:


Added that line to the script and now get an error

"Line -1:

Error: Unknown option or bad parameter specified."

The script doesn't even call the program before the error comes up. So am I compiling it wrong by using the context menu compile option?

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Ok, I made some changes to the original script that allowed me to troubleshoot what may be wrong, and the conclusion I'm coming to is that after the enters the open command, calls the file to be opened, and opens it the script (or windows, I can't tell which) will wait for the Main window to become active again. The problem is that the window doesn't reactivate. If the user steps in and clicks the application the script continues. "WinWaitActive($AutoGKWinTitle)" functions properly at the opening stages of the script but in the latter stages of the script following the open commands the system sits and waits until the main window is re-activated.

Again this only applies to Vista.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

My most recent changes are reflected in the attached script.


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