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3 New functions

_OutlookDeleteNote - New 2009-03-05 - Delete a note

_OutlookDeleteTask - New 2009-03-05 - Delete a task

_OutlookGetDistLists - New 2009-03-05 - Get the contents of one or more distribution lists

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I seem to be getting some errors with the outlook.udf

Outlook.au3(898,22) : WARNING: $sNewCategories: possibly used before declaration.
        If $sNewCategories <>
Outlook.au3(899,17) : WARNING: $iNewColor: possibly used before declaration.
        If $iNewColor <>
Outlook.au3(910,5) : ERROR: syntax error
Outlook.au3(898,22) : ERROR: $sNewCategories: undeclared global variable.
        If $sNewCategories <>
Outlook.au3(496,100) : ERROR: _OutlookFindRootFolder(): undefined function.
        _OutlookFindRootFolder($oFolder,$sRootFolderName,StringMid($sFolder,StringInStr($sFolder,"\")+ 1))

Outlook.au3(498,126) : ERROR: _OutlookFindMailInTree(): undefined function.
    _OutlookFindMailInTree($asMail, $oFolder, $sRootFolderName, $fSubFolders, $sFrom, $sTo, $sCc, $sBCc, $sSubject, $iImportance)

C:\Documents and Settings\cstamand\Desktop\outlook\OutlookDemo.au3 - 4 error(s), 2 warning(s)

I was able to fix much of the issues. I added the With where it was suppose to go and local'd the variables properly. Is there a way to check for new email and read the title and subject?

Edited by kickarse
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I was in a little hurry last friday, I will correct the errors and submit an update.

Using _OutlookGetMail you can search for all mail in a folder, in the resulting array you can see which mails are unread, I can add a parameter to search for only unread if you wish.

I prefer not to use With - EndWith, If I have a Return in the middle of an With - EndWith, you will have problems.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I can confirm that it works for Outlook 2007 aswell :D

Would it be possible to include the body and category of an appointment in the _OutlookGetAppointments array?

Thanx for a great UDF!


I solved the problem, i just replaced:

$avAppointments[$avAppointments[0][0]][4] = $oItem.AllDayEvent
$avAppointments[$avAppointments[0][0]][5] = $oItem.Importance

$avAppointments[$avAppointments[0][0]][4] = $oItem.Body
$avAppointments[$avAppointments[0][0]][5] = $oItem.Categories

the importance and all day-info isn't vital in my applyance.

Edited by faldo
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I'm creating a syncronisation-tool for the employees of my company so they can use the calendar in outlook to specify the time they've worked and then push a button to send it all to the economy/timestamp database, that way they don't have to enter the same info twice.

So in my specific case, those two colums would be enough :D

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