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When I Call AutoItX3.dll Using Java code through JNI,My rpogram crashed,Can anybody give me some help,Thks

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My application is a little complex,just like this:

main section is a windows service,with interactive mode.In this service,I use JNI to create JVM and call a ".class" File(named A.class for e.g.),In the A.class,I call B.dll with java native method; And in the B.dll,I call the AutoItX3.dll(THE HERO comes out at last,haha)

the relation is:

My Service->A.class->B.dll->AutoItX3.dll

But when I call a funtion of AutoItX3.dll(AU3_WinActive for e.g.),the service crashed.

I steped it and found that, the crash happend as the function was called.

I tried several funtions,AU3_WinActive,AU3_ControlClick and so on,the service crashed allways.

Did it happen to anyone else? Or I just use AutoItX3.dll with a wrong way?

Please help me

Thansks a lot

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

I have known the problem

don't call the functions with NULL paras :)

Edited by ywybetter

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