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Creating plugin for Hooking OpenProcess() API

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i'm developing a security program for my pc. This program will detect any potential threats that can harm my pc. This program only detect the thrat by user request only. Now, i'm working on hooking the OpenProcess() API, so i can monitor all the running application in my PC. I'm not really good at C. So, i'm begging you outside there who really want to make a plugin to me that hooking the OpenProcess API.

Details :

the plugin should :

1.Intercept the OpenProcess() API.

2.Write to console the process image path.

3.Wait for key stroke.

- ALT+CTRL+0 ->proceed

- ALT+CTRL+1 ->terminate process

if somebody could help me, please let me know.You can either PM me or email me at hata_3186[at]yahoo.com

thanks in advance..

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