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need help Ftp Script not work

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#include "ftp.au3"

$server = ""

$username = "qd"

$pass = "qd"


$Open = _FTPOpen('MyFTP Control')

if @error then MsgBox(0,"_FTPOpen","OPEN ERR code "&$Open)

$Conn = _FTPConnect($Open, $server, $username, $pass,$port)

if @error then MsgBox(0,"Connect","Connect err code "&$Conn)

$Ftpp = _FtpPutFile($Conn, 'C:\1.exe', '/test/1.exe')

if @error then MsgBox(0,"PutFilep",$Ftpp)

$Ftpc = _FTPClose($Open)


Return error Connect err code 0

username and pass no problem.

Internet Explorer to connect FTP server no problem

Please help


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