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Selecting Registry Key

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Hello together, how one can select Registry key, I know and can these on process. Now a question to a somewhat more complex topic: Is it to be scanned possible, if into the Registry Key under the following key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PP COM\MRS\IsdnApl\Protocols" are several "Ordner" like "01, 02, 03... 20", these successively for a certain value and be handed over then to an input field?

For example:

I want to search for the value "Xpressions-PhoneMail-Skript", if this will be found, then read out the following key "da=397 ga=398 ca=399 -officepro tbd=120".

I hope that is possible and understandably!

Thank you for helping!

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Ok, thanks, another question:

I want to have the code, so:

If the Description value = "Xpressions-PhoneMail-Skript", then

Messagebox "Yes" and the code should be ending, else the code

should be search so long, until this script find "Xpressions-PhoneMail-Skript". Can you help me?

$i = 1
While 1
   $key = RegEnumKey("HKLM\SOFTWARE\PP-COM\MRS\IsdnApl\Protocols",$i)
   If @error Then ExitLoop
   $str = RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\PP-COM\MRS\IsdnApl\Protocols\" & $key,"Description")
   $i = $i + 1 
   If $str = ("Xpressions-PhoneMail-Skript") Then
       Msgbox(0,"Hallo Welt","Dies ist der richtige Key")
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