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Outlook Email Parsing

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So, here's the deal. My company has a lot of incoming emails that currently go to many different people, but all are automated 'notices' to them that the company wants to track. What we (and by we I mean I) want to do, is take all these notices, and parse out the information I need and upload it to a database.

What I don't know, is what would be the best solution for this in terms of coding practice and resource management. At least, I'd dearly enjoy having some other ideas to entertain, since my brain is fried at the moment.

My two main thoughts so far have been:

1) Use a dedicated account that people can forward these notices to, and parse everything sent to it (this would require having something run in the background on a computer with outlook open or something)

2) write something that can be 'run' on emails they've copy/pasted/saved somewhere (running in the background of each user's computer is not considered acceptable).

However, I'm not enamored of either idea, and am trying to think of other methods that are cleaner, or less resource intensive, and would love some suggestions/ideas.


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