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Problems with ControlTreeView and GetSelected

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Hello community,

the following code work perfect:


  Dim $rc
  Dim $Title = "AutoItX3Lib Object Library"
  Dim $Class = "HH Parent"
  Dim $WinTitle = "[TITLE:" & $Title & "; CLASS:" & $Class & "]"

  Dim $TVClass = "SysTreeView32"
  Dim $TVClassNN = "SysTreeView321"
  Dim $TV = "[CLASS:" & $TVClass & "; CLASSNN:" & $TVClassNN & "]"
  $rc = ControlTreeView($WinTitle, "", $TV, "GetSelected")
  MsgBox(0, "ReturnCode", $rc)


But nearly the same code with AutoItX does not work:

Const TVClass = "SysTreeView32"
Const TVClassNN = "SysTreeView321"

Dim TV
TV = "[CLASS:" & TVClass & "; CLASSNN:" & TVClassNN & "]"
Dim RC

RC = oAutoIt.ControlTreeView(Title, "", TV, "GetSelected")

MsgBox RC

I get an error: Wrong number of arguments or invalid assignment. Is there something wrong with the code or is it a bug in the library, in ControlTreeView command?

Thanks for tips.



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