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[Closed] How to check if a Window(or specific Control) has finished loading?

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In Internet Explorer 7,

If you goto



Manage Add-ons\

Enable or Disable Add-ons...

you'll see a new window opens,

and when it loads for the first time, the Listview there takes some time to load.

(a few seconds aprox.)

now that's on the first time.

If you close that window and open it again,

it loads much faster.

My question is,

How can I know when the window finished loading?

(I cannot resume my script before it completely loads)

and if that's not quite possible, then is there a way to know that the listview has finished loading then?

right now I am simply doing a long Sleep() :)

I hope that can be substituted for something better.

Thank you

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I know this is a long shot.. but u can try to see what text gets loaded last.. and then u can put it in ur winwaitactive.. haven't tested.. just an idea.. can't think of anything better..

[font="Garamond"]Manjish Naik[/font]Engineer, Global Services - QPSHoneywell Automation India LimitedE-mail - Manjish.Naik@honeywell.com

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thank you manjish.

actually the whole window loads pretty fast, just the listview there is what delays it.

If anyone has more ideas, please write :)

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