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AutoIt3 & Vista doesn't work

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My script runs perfectly on Win2000,

(Installing a program + setting up by key-sends.)

but refuses to work on Vista SP1.

Run("...") simply doesnt start anything.

and Send("...") has no effect either.

The windows are recognized correctly,

if I run the script, (and initiate the installation manually, as it isn't started automtically)

a Send (e.g. "!y{enter}") doesen't neither change change the Option to YES, nor move to the next window.

If I do it manually, the windows are recognized properly.

(checked by ToolTips)

AutiIt3Info shows the correct Title and Text.

and: It DOES work with Win2000!!

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Add #requireAdmin to the top of your script. This is required for some functions to work.


That simple!

Works perfect, thank you!

Sorry I couldn't find that in help.

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