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AutoIt,socket and newbie.

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firstly i would like to compliments with the Developer/s of this fanstatic language!


I have a non trascurable experience programming with Autoit, btw i consider myself still a newbie using this cool language.

So, this is my problem:

i would like to develop a little program that will be provide a statistic infos about a server game.

So, i know that it is possible to collect information about this game (hidden and dangerous 2) and his server instance, mainly listen trough a socket on port 11004.

So how can i retry infos and get them into variable using autoit 3 ? o:)

I notice that there is something useful about socket and tcp protocol thanks to Larry http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...&hl=au3xtra+tcp

but i am totally a newbie with sockets and tcp/ip protocol.

Well, it is possible something like that?

If yes:can you provide to me a piece of code that listen on port 11004 of a server and simply collect the informations it gets and stored them in, say, an array?

thank you for your attention and for any replies,comments,etc...

cheers :lmao:

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you can't

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