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Hopper needed

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First my apologies if this offer I am going to make is very inappropriate, if so then just remove this thread and I wont start about it anymore. Just in case.

Okay, one year ago I found a new very interesting hobby which consumes an awfully lot of time.

My new hobby is building a pokerbot and I managed to get this winning. Now at the moment I am extremely busy with creating profiles to read tables for several sites and at the same time I discovered that it's very hard to run a bot independant without the option to open/close new tables, for instance when too many players leave the table, or when my stack doubles up, as well as rebuy scripts in case my stack falls down below a certain point and/or advanced table selection.

Ofcourse I can slowly learn AuttoIT language but I am so busy at the moment that I hardly have time to learn this all. Eventually I probably must learn it all but I would like to take the easy way.

So I would like to make an offer, if people can build a fully optional tablehopper for me then in trade I will give my winning bot. The bot is build with Openholdem scripting language.

Again if this is unappropriate then just remove the thread, if not then I hope someone turns up who also likes to make some bucks with this hobby.

(before I already managed to make a very simple script which opens the pokerclient, logs in, select random table, join table, sit down but all extremely primitive and not the solution I am looking for since I like the script to open multiple tables, move them to certain positions and remember those positions that when one position is empty (in case we closed a table, that the script fills in the position with a new table).

The bot is btw not a shortstack bot but a very tight fullring No-Limit deepstack bot for the microstakes NL10, maybe NL25.

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