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How to GUI this?

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Hi GUI coders,

I am about to give up. Trying for a some time with KODA but I just do not get it. If i change a date-time picker in KODA I get error messages and the cut and paste code does never work :-(

So I tried the Scite "manual" way and I am just not a programmer.

For now I let the Vista TaskScheduler call this au3 script. Not the perfect way, but it gets the recording done.

What i want to do is to create a GUI with a start time field and end time field, so whenever the start time = systemtime the script continues,

and when endtime = sytemtime the script stops Screamer and exits(hard coded for a hour for now)

All the script does is to fire up Screamer radio(an internet radio player/recorder)push the buttons and closes it after 1 hour.

Can anyone give me some input/clues/help?

Here is what I have so far:

;AU3 to start Screamer Radio, Record and Stop
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <DateTimeConstants.au3>

Dim $remain
;Here starts the future GUI....Iguess
;GUICreate("Screamer Timer")
;Set start time (Do not know how to do it ...yet)

;Fire up Screamer Radio
Run("C:\path-to\Screamer Radio\screamer.exe")

;Wait for the window "Screamer Radio" to exist and wait 3 sec.otherwise the script sometimes misses hitting the play button :-(
WinWait("Screamer Radio")
Sleep (3000)

;Push the play button
ControlClick ("Screamer", "",1002)

;Wait 10 seconds for stream to start (hopefully)
;do not know how to check for a stream
Sleep (10000)

;Push the Record button to start recording
;ID 1047 = Rec button
ControlClick ("","",1047)   

;get title of window and display it
    msgbox(64,"Screamer recording:",WinGetTitle("","Information"), 2)
;here goes the timer code...duration of recording, etc...Hmmm...so far hardcoded for 1 hour
; 3.600sec ~ 1 hour
For $timer = 1 to 3600
    msgbox(64,$remain&" secs left",WinGetTitle("","Information"), 1)

;Push REC/Stop button. Only works IF Screamer Radio window is still the top window
;Activate Screamer window for the next button clicks

; ID 1047 = Rec button
;Push Record button to stop recording
ControlClick ("","",1047)
Sleep (2000)

;ID 1003 = Stop button
;Push Stop button to stop stream
ControlClick ("","",1003)

;Wait 3 seconds until screamer's Window title is set back
Sleep (3000)

;get title
WinClose (WinGetTitle("","Information"),"")


thanks for any input

Edited by DAGAZ

..naq gura V jnf prafberq

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Hello? Anybody? Coders? Is this really a hard thing I try to accomplish? Not one coder can give me a tip

or point me in the right direction? I browsed the Help file but it is all greek to me and KODA, well, Can not get it to create working code.

Nobody out there?

Edited by DAGAZ

..naq gura V jnf prafberq

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