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Treeview problem

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I have a lots of Labels and input boxes under one treeviewitem($Clientitem), and something else under another($generalitem)

How can i in the best way switch between these treeviewitems, without overlapping each other?


$generalitem = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewitem ("General",$treeview)

$aboutitem = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewitem ("About",$generalitem)

$Logsitem = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewitem ("Logs",$generalitem)

$Clientitem = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewitem ("Client Info",$treeview)

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Maybe this will helps you a little bit.

Just resize/create the child-windows to the size of the area with the additional controls:


If this is what you mean...

Another possibility is to make 2 small functions for instance.

In one you hide the controls for one item and show the other controls and in the other you hide the other controls and show the one for the other item... :lmao:

Hopefully you understand a little bit what I mean o:):)

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Make array with control id's and then set it in loop:

Dim $ahCont[15]
$ahCont[0] = GUICtrlCreateLabel(...)
$ahCont[14] = GUICtrlCreateInput(...)

For $i = 0 to 14
  GUICtrlSetState ($ahCont[$i],$GUI_HIDE)


o, thx alot, ill try that :lmao:

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