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how to run two AdlibEnable?

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i wanted to run something every 500 milisecond, and something else every 30 seconds

something like:



but it seems like "DC" overtakes "STATUS" .. any good way to make them both run, and at differnt intervals?

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Here is a demo of one of the techniques Zedna is talking about:

Global $iDelay_1 = 1000, $iTimer_1 = TimerInit()
Global $iDelay_2 = 2000, $iTimer_2 = TimerInit()

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Quit")
AdlibEnable("_TimerDispatch", 100)

While 1

Func _TimerDispatch()
    If TimerDiff($iTimer_1) >= $iDelay_1 Then
        $iTimer_1 = TimerInit()
        ConsoleWrite("Timer_1:  " & $iDelay_1 & "ms" & @LF)
    If TimerDiff($iTimer_2) >= $iDelay_2 Then
        $iTimer_2 = TimerInit()
        ConsoleWrite("Timer_2:  " & $iDelay_2 & "ms" & @LF)

Func _Quit()

You can only have one AdLib function running, but that one function can be a dispatcher to flag multiple other operations.

_Timer_SetTimer() can create multiple timers, but they must be associated with a GUI that belongs to the script (which can be hidden if no visible GUI is required). See the help file for the example.


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