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Win Explorer Search All Folders for *.wrk

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#Include-once <Newb> ; some basic and batch scripting

#Include <Thank You> ; All Autoit Developers

#Include <Special thanks LAr> ; read and utilized lots of your info

Splashon("HELP PLEASE")



If Not $Answer= (CODE) Then

$Explain= "Not to bother anyone, I have searched MSDN, All Autoit scaps, etc. for days (to the best of my ability) to find scipting for Windows Explorer to search all sub directories for *.wrk files."


Case = Comspec through DOS ; /s worked but I couldn't handle return

Case = LAr search scripts ; bit slow but worthwhile

Case = Can find and list in scripts ; not ease of Win Explorer copy/paste

Case = Tried "Search Assistant/Compaion" ; and /e,/n, etc commands



;You would be proud of my progress, looking for ie

Run("Explorer.exe" & @HomeDrive & "\" & $ALL_Sub_Folders & "\*.wrk")

EndIf ; $Response= "Thanks Again"

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