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AutoIt Installer Core (Update)

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Template for install scripts with commonly used functions and some specialities:

- _Focus() handles 'lost focus problem'

- global vars $gWWCapt and $gWWText for WinWait(), ControlCommand(), ControlClick() and Send()

- integrated logging w/ & w/o exit

- cmdline parsing

- PendingFileRenameOperations handling

- global vars for return values

- BlockInput + Break

- binary FileCompare

- Admin info box

- can react on different install paths (+cmds)

- integrated test for all params/vars

- debug mode

- relativ paths for use on network shares or cdrom's

- .id marker file creation

- extensible with special cases

Hope you'll find it as useful as i do :)

*** Because of an editor error all examples are lost! ***

I asked the mod's to bring in a backup...

Edited by dutCh

[font="Courier New"]C rulez![/font]

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