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_INetSmtpMail Problem after compiling

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I have a question regarding the _INetSmtpMail sending mail after I have complied the script.

We use MacAfee antivirus which blocks all outgoing SMTP mail traffic, except for applications I place in the Exclude list. I have added the names of the script in the Exclude list, i.e. ChartMvr.exe, but I still cannot send mail.

Can someone tell me what application within the script is sending the mail message? Is it using inet.au3 or does AutoIT compile this to inet.exe within the script?

I know I can send mail, I created a VBScript to send mail using CDO. I added WScript.exe to the Exclude list and I receive the e-Mail. Also if I turn off the portion of MacAfee that controls the access to the SMTP port, it works.

Thank you in advance,


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