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Hi all , i want to contnue something with script , what i mean is i am trying to reading a chat window which keeps on changing i want to read that windwo and pu that information into a listbox, i want to update the lisbox with chat windwo , but the difficulty im finding is when i read thw window and pu the info into the listbox the other buttons on my script doesnt work the whole application got stucked , this is how i use

controlgetext i read thw window and then put a while loop to make the chnages into a list box like this

$Aread=controlgettext("chat","",4) ;---4 is what i found using windwo info tool autoit

'i read it perfectly using that

then i amke like this




but the whole application got stucked why ????? i want to continue the application while the windwo keeps on changing pls help me ... tell me what i have done wrong?/////

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