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Why wont this work? Trying to learn. Can you help me?

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Hello, my Names Matt.

I came here from a C++ Forum because I want to learn how to program. They told me this webpage will help me start to learn how to be a good programmar. So that maybe when I get outside of Jr High and High school, I can be a real programmar in real life too. I like pcs, so I think that will be a good job for me when I get out of Jr High and High School.

I looked at the Help program that came with the Autoitscript, and i saw this thing called 'Call'

It was confusing, but it looked really cool.

Call ( "function" [, param1 [, param2 [, paramN ]]] )

Am I typing this wrong? I am trying to call my dads work, but what do I put in param1, param2, and paramN. It don't tell me. I have a program on my pc that makes calls, and I have to type in something like that to make a phone call.

Call ( "2819945808")

When I go to Tools and then Go, it doesn't do anything. Am I doing this wrong? That is what I do when I typed Msgbox(4096,"Hello","Hello Matt! Welcome to your computer!") and it works when I do that.

Sincerely, Matt Carter.


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Wrong month, April Fools Day is next month.

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