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<IE.au3> _IEAction("click") not work

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Mr DaleHome!

I'm using _IEAction("click") with <IE.au3> on some window sp2 - IE 6 or 7. _IEAction("click") not work and some other is work.


If _IEAction("click") on an object not work, then I can't click on it. (Click by my real mouse)


If I click on a button by using _IEAction("Click") to open a messagebox ( this messagebox created by js, onclick = '...') and _IEAction not work.

Then I Click on this button by my self ~> It still not work.

I tried so many time and many way but can't do anything.

Can you tell me an advice?



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If the button is not responding to a mouse click then _IEAction probably might not work as well. By the way, what is the object you're sending to the function's first parameter? It's not just _IEAction("Click"), you have to submit an object instance.

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