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get Larry's au3xtra.dll then use this code:

Dim $IP, $Port

DLLCall(@ScriptDir & "\au3xtra.dll","int","TCPStartUp")
$ConTest = DLLCall(@ScriptDir & "\au3xtra.dll","int","TCPConnect", "str", $IP, "int", $Port)
If $ConTest[0] > 0 Then
   MsgBox(0, "", "The port is open")
   DLLCall(@ScriptDir & "\au3xtra.dll", "int", "TCPCloseSocket", "int", $ConTest[0])
   MsgBox(0, "", "Port isn't open")

DLLCall(@ScriptDir & "\au3xtra.dll", "int", "TCPShutDown")
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hmm sometimes it lags very much or just freezes.... u have to end the task...

anyway to bypass that? make a timeout or something...


If you're using it in a loop, you should test using a DLLOpen in the beginning

of your script.. Good luck !

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