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HELP ! : try to get text from control/window NOT window standard

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I am sure somebody has dealt with this issue (at least I hope !!).

I need to automate an existing web application.

Unfortunatly , it does not contains any InternetExplorerServer stuff (as suggested by the AutoIT help file) , so I cannot use any IE user defined extension specialized for the web applications.

Very sad to say, using the internal Autoit Object Viewer and moving mouse on the various object available in the web page, there are NO informations available of what is under the pointer ... :P(

I have just the name of the container window (and if I use WinGeText it only gives me label of the push button on the window form on screen (ie: Save,Confirm,Exit ..).

My need is to click on a small triangle visible in the page (and its position can dynamically change ..) : after that an item list is dropped down in the window, then I need to click (not simply select with up/down arrow) on the desired item and then click on a spe3cific one (as neede by the automation).

I have tried with WinGetText, ControlGetText but ... I do not get ANY text !. The viewer says : ForteCompond32 that seems very likely an user control NOT a window standard one ...

If I could get the available text in the window, I could figure out the offset in the string array obtained of the requested item, then calculate the number of lines need to reach a specific entry and mov ethe mouse accordingly and so on ...

The best solution should be to be able to reach the specific line using ControlCommand or something similar ...

I just need an hint, a suggestion and then I will move on it ..


PLEASE , I AM IN TROUBLE !!!! :unsure:(

Ciao !



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What's the ClassNameNN of control?

Post some web url or screenshot.


ClassNameNN is only available when you click on the entire window. It si something like : ForteCompond32

The web application is only in an Intranet so not accessible outside. It is a large private company ...

I develop automation for this company, but they have developed controls their own .. : is the OCR the only way out ??

I hope NO !!!

Thansk !


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In such situations OCR or MemoryReading are the only one solutions as far as I know.

Look at standard Memory UDF and other "memory read" examples on the forum.

But it's more hacking than programming and you must be experienced in this area!

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