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Script Writer Wanted

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I want an autoit script that will help my poker game, and I'm willing to pay for it. This is not a request for a bot or anything like that. What I want in this script is:

1. Being able to enter in an amount that will be measured against what I sit in with. For example, if I sit in with 200 and enter in my loss limit as 100 and my win limit as 200, I want it to know when those limits have been reached.

2. After the loss limit or win limit is reached, I want to be automatically logged off or the entire program closed.

I prefer to play on PokerStars so the program would need to work with that. I only play on 6 seat tables, fixed limit, not sure if that is needed information or not.

Maybe a script already exist like this, if so let me know but I haven' t been able to find anything.

I will compensate for anyone who takes this up. Let me know and then we can talk further and answer any questions I have. I have other ideas that would help me if this is too difficult or impossible.


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